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Overview Brief

  CECT Chest scan gives better quality images of the chest when compared to the normal CT chest scan.

What is a CECT Chest Scan?

CECT Chest scan is a minimally invasive diagnostic imaging procedure. CECT Chest scan is used to diagnose lung cancer and tumours, detection of blood clots in the lungs and to detect injuries and fracture in the lungs. CECT Chest uses x-rays and Iodine based contrast to get detailed images of the internal parts of the chest. (1)

How is CECT Chest Performed?

CECT Chest is a painless procedure.

The patient to lie down on the CT examination table.

An IV is injected into the arm.

A contrast is injected through the IV.

The examination table slides through the CT scanner.

High quality images of the internal organs of the chest are taken as the contrast passes through the chest.

The process of CECT Chest can take anywhere between an hour to three hours.

Side-effects of CECT Chest

CECT Chest is a painless procedure.

An allergy to the contrast used in the procedure.

Kidney problems caused by the contrast.

Exposure to radiation during the CECT Chest scan.

X-ray radiation is very harmful for pregnant women and young children.

Bruising and pain at the IV insertion site.

Preparation before Performing CECT Chest scan

CECT Chest scan is a simple procedure, which does not require much prior preparation.

Inform any allergies and health issues to the doctor.

Inform the doctor, if you are pregnant.

Discuss the medications that need to be stopped a day before the CECT Chest scan.

Fast for at least 6 hours before the procedure.

Do not consume liquids one hour prior to the procedure.

Post-care of the CECT Chest Scan

CECT Chest Scan does not require much post-care routine.

Patients can go home immediately after the procedure.

Consume plenty of liquids to remove the contrast from the system.

Follow the instructions of the doctor about taking certain medications after the CECT Chest scan.

Report any symptoms of allergies or discomfort to the doctor.

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