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Are you skeptical about performing CECT chest with 3D? Here is everything you need to know about the diagnostic technique from the start to the end.

What is CECT chest with 3D?

CECT chest with 3D is used to give a more detailed image of the chest. CECT chest with 3D gives cross-sectional images of your lungs and the inside of your chest which are then developed into 3d images. CECT chest with a 3D test is used to detect the presence of a tumor, pleural effusion, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.[3]

How is CECT chest with 3D performed?

CECT chest with a 3D technique is painless and is carried out in a medical facility with the help of a CT scanner, a tunnel like machine.

Takes about 40 minutes for the whole procedure.

Contrast dye is injected into your arm for diagnosing specific abnormalities.

Injected contrast dye highlights portions of the chest and produces clearer images.

There is an occurrence of a buzzing sound when the scanner takes pictures.[1]

CECT chest with a 3D technique uses the images that are obtained through the CT scanner to develop 3d models with the help of a computer. [1]

Risks of CECT chest with 3D

There is very less chance that people may have an allergic reaction to the contrast dyes that are used while performing CECT chest with 3D.[1]

There is risk of cancer due to exposure to radiation.

Not recommended to pregnant women due to the risk of damage of the foetus.

Not recommended for children.[1]

Preparation before performing CECT chest with 3D

You will need at least 20 minutes before getting prepared for the CECT chest with 3D.

Jewelry, watch and other accessories should be removed.

Avoid any food intake 4 hours prior to performing CECT chest with 3D.for kids.

Stay hydrated by drinking fluids.[2]

Post-care of CECT chest with 3D

You do not have to take any special care post CECT chest with 3D.[2]

You will be advised to drink a lot of fluids, and stay hydrated after performing CECT chest with 3D.[2]

At Mfine, our radiologists use the state of the art equipment and specialized treatment therapies to perform CECT chest with 3D.

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