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CECT is an abbreviation for Contrast-Enhanced Computerized Tomography. It is an imaging procedure used to scan and detect abnormalities.

What is a CECT Chest Extended Scan?

The CECT chest imaging procedure is used to scan for diseases in the lungs, the heart, food pipe, rib cage, spine, and surrounding soft tissues.

Contrast-Enhanced CT scan has been widely used in diagnosing the diseases in the chest and the thorax. The main components used in a CECT are a contrast material and rotating beams of X-rays.

The combination of this, results in a three-dimensional image of the area being scanned, thus giving the CECT imaging its superiority.

How is the CECT Chest Extended Scan performed?

The following are the elementary steps in every CECT scan:

The patient lies down on the moving CT table and the CT Scanner is placed over the body.

A radioactive contrast material is given to the patient orally or through an injection.

The rotating beams of X-rays interact with the contrast substance and give a vivid image of the organs.

The completion of the CECT scan takes about two to three hours in total.

Side effects of the CECT Chest Extended Scan

The following are the risks that tag along to the CECT chest scan

Radiation exposure.

Allergic reaction to the contrast material.

Contrast dye may elevate pre-existing kidney problems.

Preparation for a CECT Chest Extended Scan

A thorough discussion with your doctor about CECT chest scan is essential. Apart from this, follow the following steps:

Make sure to mention any history of allergic reactions to contrast dyes or iodine before the CECT.

Adhere to the steps prescribed by the technician like fasting before the test for 4 to 5 hours and getting urine tests done to prevent kidney damage before the CECT.

Taking care of yourself after a CECT Chest Extended scan

The CECT chest scan doesn’t require any special attention after the procedure. The patient should however make sure to contact the healthcare provider in case of redness or swelling at the IV site, or diarrhoea or constipation post the procedure.

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