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CECT stands for Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography. Computed tomography refers to using X-rays or ultrasound to obtain the cross-sectional image of the internal parts of the human body. CECT uses a contrast material that enables better visualisation.

What is a CECT Ankle Joint Scan?
The CECT Ankle Joint is a procedure performed to identify damage in the ankle joint. A doctor will recommend a CECT Ankle Joint in case of extreme knee pain, sports injuries, or decreased motion of the knee joint.

How is a CECT Ankle Joint Scan performed?
The procedure could last from about a few minutes to half an hour and is a painless procedure.

The patient lies down on the moving CT table.

The CT Scanner may be placed just over the ankle or the entire body.

The patient is administered the contrast dye either orally or through an IV line.

After the consumption of dye, the CT table starts moving, and the scanner takes images through X-rays.

Side effects or risks of a CECT Ankle Joint Scan

The CECT scan is a non-invasive and relatively safe procedure.

CECT scans use X-rays that produce ionising radiation.

The radiation effect might be more pronounced on children.

It is not advised to take a CECT scan if you’re pregnant.

The contrast material might cause some allergic reaction leading to rashes.

Preparation before performing a CECT Ankle Joint Scan

The CECT of Ankle Joint requires minimal preparation:

Inform the doctor if you are pregnant, have diabetes or any kidney problems.

You might be required to not eat or drink for a few hours before the procedure.

You will be required to remove all metal objects and maybe wear a hospital gown.

Post-care after a CECT Ankle Joint Scan

The CECT of Ankle Joint does not cause any symptoms that require recovery.

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