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Overview brief

CD4/CD8 is a type of test used to confirm the ratio of the two cells CD4 and CD4 to determine the balance of the immune system.

What is CD4/CD8?

CD4/CD8 is a test conducted to detect the ratio of CD4 and CD8, which indicates the proper balance of the immune system. The CD4 count is the main indicator but the ratio is also important.

Why is CD4/CD8 suggested?

CD4/CD8 is suggested when a patient is presented with the following symptoms, 

  • Sudden infection.
  • Pain in the body.
  • Continuous infection.
  • Persistent Cold and cough.

How is the CD4/CD8 test performed?

The  CD4/CD8 Test is performed by,

  • The blood is drawn from the vein of the patient with the help of a needle.
  • The injection site is cleaned properly with antiseptic lotion and a chord is tied to separate the vein for easy access.
  • The doctors will also take proper precaution to prevent themselves from infections.

CD4/CD8 tests provide perfect results.

What are the parameters measured in CD4/CD8?

The parameters measured in CD4/CD8  are,

  • The doctor conducts a blood test to confirm the disorder by measuring the count of all CD3, CD4, CD4/CD8, and CD8. (1)

Preparation before performing CD4/CD8

Before the CD4/CD8 test the patients should,

  • Inform about the previous medical history and medications to the doctors.
  • Also, mention your symptoms clearly to the doctor for proper treatment especially the HIV infected patients.

Post-care after CD4/CD8

Post-care after CD4/CD8 testing is,

  • The patient can leave immediately after the test is done. It is a simple procedure.

Sample types in CD4/CD8

The sample types in CD4/CD8 are,

  • Blood samples.

Side effects of CD4/CD8 test

Common Side effects of CD4/CD8 tests are,

  • The patient might experience pain while drawing blood.

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