CD16/CD56, NK Cell Panel

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Overview Brief

Natural killer (NK) cells developed from pluripotent (capable of giving rise to several different cell types) hematopoietic stem cell precursors which develop independently of the thymus.

What is CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL?

NK cells play an important role in host defense against viral infections and tumor surveillance as well. NK cells influence the course of chronic viral diseases. These infections at a chronic stage hurt NK cell function and lead to the appearance of phenotypically.

Why is CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL suggested?

CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL symptoms can vary depending on the levels. Symptoms are as below:

  • HIV-1.
  • Hepatitis C virus.

How is CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL performed?

CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL tests may include:

  • The phlebotomist looks for vein most probably area between the upper and lower arm.
  • A band is used to constrict your arms for the secure location of the vein.
  • Once a suitable vein is found, the area over the skin is cleaned.
  • With the help of a needle, enough blood is drawn from your body for testing.

What are the parameters measured in CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL?

CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL test can be conducted via the following methods:

  • The test is done using a blood sample taken from a vein of the patient.

Preparation before performing CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL

The preparation for the CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL test includes:

  • Discuss medical history and allergies with the doctor.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes.
  • Get yourself dehydrated before the test.

Post-care after CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL

You should take care of below steps for CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL:

  • Take multi-vitamin.

Sample types in CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL

Few samples are for CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL as follows:

  • Blood test.

Side effects/risks of CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL

CD16/CD56, NK CELL PANEL blood test side effects are:

  • You may feel a small skin prick and have a little bruising or bleeding where the needle goes in.

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