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Overview Brief

The CD15 antibody combines with CD15 antigen that is present in human myelomonocytic cells. The CD 15 test is carried on a sample of blood taken from the patient to measure the level of CD 15 antigen. CD15 is denoted in granulocytes and is present in malignant lymphomas and acute myeloid leukemias. CD15 is present in Reed-Sternberg cells and some epithelial cells.

What is CD15?

CD15 plays the role of mediating between phagocytises, bactericidal activity, and chemotaxis. Antibodies of CD15 play the role of a diagnostic marker of Hodgkin’s disease and large cell lymphomas of both B- and T- phenotypes.

Why is CD15 suggested?

CD15 symptoms can vary depending on the levels. Symptoms are as below:

  • Phenotyping leukemias.
  • Lymphomas.
  • Hodgkin’s disease.
  • Swollen lymph nodes.
  • Intermittent fever.

How is CD15 performed?

CD15 tests may include:

  • The CD 15 test is carried on blood samples.
  • A doctor places a rubber band around your arm.
  • Using needle blood is collected which is refrigerated.
  • A formalin-fixed tissue block is a preferred specimen that is used for the test.
  • The block and slide identifiers are written precisely with the specimen ID and specimen labeling.

What are the parameters measured in CD15?

CD15 test can be conducted via the following methods:

  • The CD 15 test is done using a blood sample taken from a vein of the patient. The test is ordered by a doctor if you show symptoms of swollen lymph nodes and unexplained weight loss.

Preparation before performing CD15

The preparation for the CD15 test includes:

  • Discuss medical history and allergies with the doctor.

Post-care after CD15

You should take care of below steps for CD15:

  • Take multi-vitamin.

Sample types in CD15

Few samples are for CD15 as follows:

  • Blood test.

Side effects/risks of CD15

CD15 blood test side effects are:

  • You may feel a small skin prick uneasy and have a little bruising where the needle goes in.

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