CD Splenoportal Axis

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CD Splenoportal Axis is a Doppler ultrasound test to visualize blood flow through blood vessels in the liver and Splenoportal axis. (1)

What is CD Splenoportal Axis?

CD Splenoportal Axis is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses ultrasound waves to create images of the arteries and veins. CD Splenoportal Axis is performed to diagnose, and treat portal hypertension, cirrhosis, thrombosis of Splenoportal axis, and other Splenoportal abnormalities.

How is CD Splenoportal Axis Performed?

CD Splenoportal Axis is a non-invasive and safe procedure. The process involves

The patient to lie on the examination table.

A non-allergic ultrasound gel will be applied to the abdomen area, where the transducer is to be placed.

The sonographer will move the transducer over the abdomen and the rib cage to get the ultrasound images of the internal organs.

The sonographer will instruct the patient about different positions and breathing techniques throughout the CD Splenoportal Axis scan.

The entire CD Splenoportal Axis procedure takes around 30 minutes.

Side-effects of CD Splenoportal Axis Scan

CD Splenoportal Axis scan is a safe procedure.

Patients may experience mild pressure during the process.

There are no other side-effects of CD Splenoportal Axis scan.

Preparations before Performing CD Splenoportal Axis scan

CD Splenoportal Axis is a pre-scheduled scan. Prior preparations for the scan include

Wear comfortable clothes.

Take all the medications as advised by the doctor.

Fast for six hours before the CD Splenoportal Axis scan.

Drink only water for six hours before the test.

Post-care of CD Splenoportal Axis Test

CD Splenoportal Axis is a safe and simple procedure.

Patients can go home, and start a normal routine immediately after the CD Splenoportal Axis procedure.

Follow the instructions of the doctor about the medications to be taken after the procedure.

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