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Overview Brief

Catecholamines are the most abundant stimulants present in the body, and consist of 2 major substances: Adrenaline and Noradrenaline, the substances that give you a rush during something exciting.

What is Catecholamines Plasma?

Catecholamines Plasma is a test that is done to check for the levels circulating catecholamines in the body. Their main function is to prepare the body for a fight and flight response in case of impending danger and is released only in such situations, by the adrenal gland.

Why is Catecholamines Plasma suggested?

Catecholamines Plasma  is a test used for diagnosis if you are experiencing:

  • Palpitations, an increased heart rate
  • High blood pressure which is intermittent in nature
  • Chest pain associated with the above symptoms

How is Catecholamines Plasma performed?

The procedure for testing Catecholamines Plasma requires:

  • Taking of simple blood sample.
  • The blood is separated from the plasma, which is then tested for Catecholamines.
  • A metabolite of the same may also be measured which is known as VMA.

What are the parameters measured in Catecholamines Plasma?

In Catecholamines Plasma testing, the normal limit is :

  • Noradrenaline: 15-750 pg/ml
  • Adrenaline: up to 111 pg/ml

These values may double if you have been standing for a while before testing.

Preparation before performing Catecholamines Plasma

The following preparatory measures should be kept in mind for Catecholamines Plasma testing:

  • Catecholamines Plasma should be tested in a quiet environment.
  • Regular medication of any kind should be informed to the doctor taking the sample.

Post-care after Catecholamines Plasma

It’s a fairly simple test that requires no special aftercare.

Sample types in Catecholamines Plasma

Catecholamines Plasma testing requires taking the blood sample, which is mostly drawn from the vein in your arm.

Side effects/ risks of Catecholamines Plasma

Catecholamines Plasma is essential substances for the body and there are no side effects or risks of Catecholamines Plasma testing. However, it may increase in stress, and vigorous exercise, so avoiding these helps keep levels in control.

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