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Carbamazepine is medication primarily used to treat patients with seizures.

What is Carbamazepine?

This is a kind of medication that is used to treat seizures. It alone, or with certain kinds combination with other medications is used to treat specific seizures that might occur to a patient with epilepsy. It is sold under the trade name “Tegretol”. It can also be used for neuropathic pain management.

Why is it suggested?

If a test is examined, then the recommended time is usually when the blood level is the lowest, just before the next dose is taken. Before consuming Carbamazepine it is important that you inform the doctor about the medicines that you have been consuming earlier, so that the doctor can prescribe the dosage accordingly. You also need to inform about any previous diseases.

How is it performed?

  1.  The combination for it, while using for treatments should contain mood stabilizers and antiepileptics.
  2. The stabilizer is usually put in the mouth in a solid or a liquid format, whichever way the doctor has prescribed it.


It is medically used to establish a proper dose and maintain a significant therapeutic level. It is an anticonvulsant, whose dosage needs to be consumed by the patient only in the process of how the doctor has described it.


Usually no special or initial preparation is required before the test. You need to ensure that you are following the guidelines suggested by the doctor.



Carbamazepine can prove to be risky if there is an overdose.

  • The level of appetite can go down.
  • Extreme weakness due to low blood pressure.
  • The heartbeat might increase at a slightly faster rate than normal.
  • The patient can also feel nausea, dizziness, the tendency to vomit, or even drowsiness.

If any of the above mentioned side effects occur, then it is important that the concerned doctor is informed as soon as possible.

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