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Overview Brief

A calcium test identifies the normal level of calcium in the body.

What is calcium?

Calcium is the fundamental mineral behind the strengthening of bones, blood clotting, etc. but an excessive amount is not suitable for the body. Calcium test checks the amount of calcium present in the body. It helps us to diagnose calcium related diseases in the body. Too much calcium may cause kidney problems like stones, problems related to bones, and thyroid problems [1].

Why is calcium test suggested?

A doctor suggests the calcium test because of the following.

  • To diagnose diseases related to the kidneys.
  • To check the metabolic panel of the body. [2]
  • To diagnose certain cancers and malnutrition. [3]

How is calcium test performed?

Calcium is easy to diagnose with the help of a lab test.

  • A lab assistant takes the sample from the person’s body.
  • If the sample is in the form of blood, the lab assistant applies a bandage to prevent the infection.
  • The sample goes through various test in the lab to reveal the calcium level in the blood.

The normal range for calcium in the body is 8.6 mg/dL to 10.2 mg/dL. [3]

What are the parameters measured in the calcium test?

The test measures the calcium level in the body.

Preparation before Performing Calcium Test

Prior to the test, certain preparations, which are necessary, are:

  • Inform doctor of certain medicine intakes.
  • Consumption of the food and water is according to the doctor’s instructions.

Post Care after Calcium Test

After the calcium test, steps for taking care are:

  • Follow the doctor’s advice carefully.

Sample Types in Calcium Test

The sample can be in the form of:

  • Blood
  • Urine

Side effects/ Risks of Calcium Test

The risks and side effects associated with the calcium test are not serious.

  • Bruising due to the needle.
  • Infection due to unsterilized needles.

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