Calcium/Creatinine – Ratio

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Calcium/Creatinine Ratio is a ratio that helps in the detection for many autoimmune diseases in a patient.

What is Creatinine Ratio?

Creatinine ratio is used to diagnose hypercalciuric state in patients. It is also used as a screening tool for diagnosing hematuria among children.  It can also be used to test parathyroid among patients. Urine Calcium level also indicates the dietary level of the respected person. The major clinical value of this ratio is to help the health practitioner determine the root cause of the problem.

Why is it suggested?

The test is usually get done by patients when they are suffering from any kind of issues that is related to parathyroid or hematuria (especially in case of children). This test is also, usually done to keep a check in hypercalciuria and along with that if any person has any chances of getting urinary stones in the body, then this test can help in identification and also further treatment.

How is Calcium/Creatinine – Ratio performed?

  • A 24 hour sample of urine is required when you want to check the results in while getting the tests done.
  • Patients are given a urine collection cup along with instructions and guidelines that are to be followed.
  • The urine is collected and analyzed for further diagnosis and to obtain the results.
  • After the analysis, the calculations are done, and a final report is prepared.
  • This report is received by the doctor where he provides further solutions.


Parameters of Calcium/Creatinine – Ratio

The results are determined after the analysis of the urine concentration sample. Elevated urine calcium (>300 mg/24 hr)  is a sign of overactive parathyroid gland. The normal range for calcium/creatinine ratio is <0.14. Values exceeding even 0.20 are usually patients that suffer from hypercalciuria.

Preparations for Calcium/Creatinine – Ratio

Make sure that your sample collected is pure and submitted on time.

  • The patient should not be involved in any kind of substance abuse.
  • The concerned person should not be diagnosed with any kind of infectious disease at the time of presentation, otherwise, the test results have a chance of varying results.



Usually, there are no risks involved in this kind of a pathological test.

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