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Overview Brief

Cadmium plasma test identifies the toxicity level due to cadmium in the blood.

What is Cadmium Plasma test?

Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal. It may pose threats to the normal functioning of the body if it enters the bloodstream. Cadmium can enter the body in the form of fumes. Long –term exposure to cadmium is due to avoiding the use of breathing protection while spray- painting organic paints. Tobacco smoke is also a major source of cadmium poisoning. [1]

Why is Cadmium plasma test suggested?

Presence of cadmium in the bloodstream is very harmful.

  • The test determines the amount of cadmium in the blood of the workers.
  • To diagnose kidney problems due to cadmium.
  • To prevent diseases related to nasal epithelium and lungs. [1]

How is cadmium plasma test performed?

Cadmium plasma test uses the following steps for execution:

  • A laboratory assistant takes the blood sample from the person.
  • The lab professionals treat the sample for cadmium poisoning.
  • A kit can also test the cadmium poisoning in the blood.

Level of cadmium below 5 ng/mL is considered a safe limit. [1]

What are parameters measured in cadmium plasma test?

The diagnosis of the amount of cadmium in blood is a parameter of measure.

Preparation before performing cadmium plasma test

Prior preparation is a necessary step for the test.

  • Do not consume seafood 48 hours prior to the test. [3]
  • Inform doctor of medications.

Post care after the treatment

Post care steps are as follows:

  • Follow the instructions of the doctor carefully.

Sample types in cadmium plasma test.

  • Sample types in cadmium plasma test are: [2]
  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Hair or nail
  • Tissue

Side effects/risks of cadmium plasma test

  • There is generally no side effects or risks of cadmium plasma test.
  • Bruising due to the needle that draws the blood.

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