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Overview Brief

The CA72.4 test is performed to measure the value of CA72.4 in the blood. It is used for the diagnosis of Gastrointestinal Cancer1.

What is CA 72.4?

CA 72.4 is a test performed to diagnose gastrointestinal cancer. CA 72.4 stands for Cancer Antigen 72.4. CA 72.4 is also known as GI Cancer Antigen 72.4 Monoclonal Antibody Blood, GI Cancer CA 72.4 Monoclonal Antibody Blood, GI Cancer Marker 72.4 Monoclonal Antibody Blood, GI Cancer Antigen 72.4, GI Cancer CA 72.4 and GI Cancer Marker 72.41. CA 72.4 is suggested for various reasons other than to diagnose gastrointestinal cancer, as discussed in the following section.

Why is CA 72.4 suggested?

CA 72.4 is suggested for the following reasons2:

  • It helps in the management of Gastric cancer in patients.
  • It helps to monitor the course of the disease.
  • It predicts recurrence in patients with Gastric carcinoma.
  • It is useful in detecting a residual tumour.

How is CA 72.4 performed?

Following are the steps followed in a CA 72.4 test1:

  • A blood sample of minimum 5mL is taken for the test.
  • Alcohol is used to clean the skin and needle before the technician wraps an elastic band above the elbow so that the veins can be easily seen.
  • The needle is injected near your elbow and blood is collected in a plain tube attached to the needle.
  • The needle is ejected from the skin, and the blood sample is labelled and sent for analysis.

A CA 72.4 test includes a Monoclonal Antibody method on the blood sample.

What are the parameters measured in CA 72.4?

If the CA 72.4 test value lies between 0-7 U/ml the test is normal or negative. The presence of cancer is possible if the result value of CA 72.4 lies above 7 U/ml.

Preparation before performing CA 72.4

CA 72.4 does not require any specific preparation before the test. Just inform your doctor if you have any allergies or medical conditions prior to the CA 72.4 test.

Post-care after CA 72.4

No special post-care steps have to be followed after a CA 72.4 test.

Sample types in CA 72.4

A blood sample of 5 ml is taken to conduct the CA 72.4 test.

Side effects/risks of CA 72.4

There are no major side effects of a CA 72.4 tests apart from maybe minor bruising and swelling at the site from where the blood was drawn.

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