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A BUN Random, or more commonly known as Blood Urea Nitrogen test is done to diagnose kidney problems. [1]

What is BUN Random?

The doctor may ask for a BUN Random test as a part of a routine health screening. The test determines whether the kidneys are working fine. [2]

Urea nitrogen is the waste product particularly formed in the liver after the protein is perfectly metabolized into amino acids. While the liver continues the process, blood urea nitrogen is produced and released in the blood. A healthy pair of kidneys usually remove the BUN, leaving a small amount in the blood. A BUN Random test is done to measure the amount of urea nitrogen in the blood. [1] [2]

The BUN Random test can also be done to analyze the effectiveness of kidney dialysis and other related treatments. [1]

Why is BUN Random suggested?

A BUN Random test may be suggested for the following –

  • As a part of the routine checkup.
  • In terms of kidney troubles, the test is done to check the BUN levels in the blood.
  • To diagnose and treat kidney troubles.

How is BUN Random performed?

The following steps are taken during the BUN Random test –

  • A blood sample will be taken from the patient’s arm.
  • The sample will be then sent to the lab for examination.

As a needle is used to prick the vein during the BUN Random test, the patient might feel a little stink.

What are the parameters for BUN Random test?

During the BUN Random test, the level of BUN in blood is measured. The range that is considered normal is between 7 to 20 ML per deciliter. [2]

Preparation after BUN Random

No preparations require for the BUN Random test.

Post-care after BUN Random

No such post-care is needed after the BUN Random test.

Sample types in BUN Random

Only a blood sample is drawn from the arm for BUN Random test.

Side effects of the BUN Random

Other than feeling a little sore after taking out the blood, there are no other side effects of the BUN Random test.

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