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A BUN/Creatinine Ratio test is done to determine your kidney’s health. The test measures the level of Creatinine in blood. [1][2][3]

What is BUN/Creatinine Ratio Test?

When the doctor wants to determine the overall health of your kidney, the BUN/Creatinine Ratio blood test is done.

Many times, just a simple BUN blood test may not be able to reveal much about your kidney’s health. In such cases, the BUN/Creatinine Ratio test is needed, which completely reveals what is going on with your kidney. Just like BUN, Creatinine is another waste product that needs to be flushed out from your body. A high level of Creatinine means your kidney is not doing its job the right way. [3]

An abnormal BUN/Creatinine Ratio means liver trouble, followed with a number of other health issues. [3]

Why is the BUN/Creatinine Ratio suggested?

Your doctor may suggest a BUN/Creatinine Ratio test for the following [3]

  • For a routine checkup.
  • To diagnose any kind of kidney trouble.
  • To ensure the symptoms of malnutrition and liver diseases.

How is the BUN/Creatinine Ratio performed?

Performing the BUN/Creatinine Ratio is easy. The following steps are to be taken –

  • With the help of a needle, blood is taken out from the arm of the patient.
  • The sample is collected in a vile and sent to the lab.

While getting a BUN/Creatinine Ratio test done, the patient must tell the specialist if he/she is under any medications.

What are the parameters of the BUN/Creatinine Ratio?

The ideal BUN/Creatinine Ratio is 10-to-1 and 20-to-1. [1] Anything more or less than that can be hazardous.

Preparation before BUN/Creatinine Ratio

No special preparations are required for BUN/Creatinine Ratio.

Post-care after BUN/Creatinine Ratio

No post-care is required after the BUN/Creatinine Ratio test.

Sample types in BUN/Creatinine Ratio

A blood sample is drawn from the patient’s arm for the BUN/Creatinine Ratio test.

Side effects of BUN/Creatinine Ratio

There are no side effects of the BUN/Creatinine Ratio test.

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