Brucella Antibody, IgM

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Brucella Antibody, IgM test is conducted for the diagnosis of Brucellosis which can be caused while handling milk or milk products infected with Brucella bacteria [1]

What is Brucella Antibody, IgM?

Brucella Antibody, IgM is the test which can confirm whether the patient in concern has been infected by Brucellosis or not.

This test is conducted in order to measure the level of Brucella Antibody, IgM in the blood. This test plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of Zoonotic diseases. [2] In simple terms, it is one of the tests which points to whether Zoonotic disease is transferred from animals to humans or vice versa.

Therefore, Brucella Antibody, IgM test, indeed is vital in the diagnosis.

Why is Brucella Antibody, IgM Suggested?

Brucella Antibody, IgM is suggested in order to diagnose Brucellosis. This disease has the following symptoms where the test is conducted for differential diagnosis —

  • Fever is the most common symptom. The fever may get higher in the afternoon which is also known as “high spikes”. [3] [4]
  • Back pain which is also a very common symptom found in other diseases. Therefore, to confirm, you will need a Brucella Antibody, IgM test done.
  • Poor appetite and weight loss.
  • Weakness accompanied by abdominal pain.

How is Brucella Antibody, IgM Performed?

The Brucella Antibody, IgM test is performed via ELISA or Enzyme immunoassay method. [3] For this test, blood is collected from the vein. Before collecting the blood through a needle, the area is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. The collected blood is then investigated by mixing a specific antigen and mixed with enzymes.

What Are the Parameters Measured in Brucella Antibody, IgM?

The Brucella Antibody, IgM test measures the level of antibodies specific to Brucella. Normally antibodies should be absent.

Preparation for Brucella Antibody, IgM:

There are no specific preparations needed for Brucella Antibody, IgM. But to be on the safer side, you should mention the medications that you are taking (if any) to the doctors.

Post Care after Brucella Antibody, IgM:

There is no post care needed after Brucella Antibody, IgM test.

Sample types in Brucella Antibody, IgM:

This test can be performed in both children and adults.

Side Effects of Brucella Antibody, IgM:

There are no side effects of Brucella Antibody, IgM test.

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