Brucella Antibody, IgG

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Brucellosis is caused by a bacterial strain of Brucella. A person infected with Brucella will show elevated levels of Immunoglobulin G (IgG), which can be tested using a blood sample.

What Is the Brucella Antibody test?

Brucella antibody test checks for Brucellosis, which is caused by bacterial strains of Brucella that are usually transmitted from farm animals to humans.

The human body’s immune system in response to Brucella infection will produce specific antibodies, namely IgG and IgM to combat the antigens released by the bacteria into the bloodstream. IgG can be detected at every phase of the infection, and is hence considered a more reliable parameter for evaluation. Brucella antibody test checks for rising levels of Brucella specific antibodies which are considered as serological evidence of recent infection.

Antibodies for Brucella bacteria are found in blood samples of anyone who may have had Brucellosis or maybe currently having it.

Why is the Brucella Antibody test suggested?

The bacteria that cause Brucellosis are not passed easily from animals to humans; therefore, Brucella antibody test is ordered for a person displaying symptoms of Brucellosis.

How is the Brucella Antibody test performed?

Brucella antibody test is performed by collecting a blood sample from

  • The vein of an arm.
  • A prick on a finger.

What are the parameters measured in the Brucella Antibody test?

The presence of Brucella specific immunoprotein, like Immunoglobulin G (IgG), is measured during the Brucella antibody test.

Preparation before performing the Brucella Antibody test

No special preparation is required before performing the Brucella antibody test.

Post-Care after the Brucella Antibody test

No post-care is necessary after the Brucella antibody test.

Sample types In the Brucella Antibody test

Only blood samples are collected for the Brucella antibody test.

Side effects/risks of the Brucella Antibody test

There are no side effects or risks associated with the Brucella antibody test except false positive results in some cases.

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