Bone Marrow Smear Microscopy Examination

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Overview Brief

Bone Marrow Smear is an important examination in assessing various blood disorders and cancerous conditions.

What Is Bone Marrow Smear Microscopy Examination?

Bone marrow related disorders like anemia, pancytopenia, blood and lymph cancers can be detected with this examination.

Bone marrow is a soft tissue helping in the formation of RBCs, WBCs, and Platelets. A sample of bone marrow is examined to determine why blood cells are abnormal or why their numbers are skewed. A core biopsy shows how full the bone marrow is with cells and where the cells are located within the marrow.

Bone marrow is examined after a complete blood count test, at different stages of treatment. 

Why Is Bone Marrow Smear Suggested?

Bone Marrow examination is suggested when:

  • Blood counts are abnormal.
  • You are suspected to have a bone marrow related disorder.
  • For disease prognosis.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.

How Is Bone Marrow Smear Examination Performed?

Bone Marrow examination is performed as follows:

  • Posterior iliac crest in the hipbone of the patient is identified.
  • A hollow needle is inserted into the iliac crest which reaches the bone marrow to draw out aspirate.
  • More tissue samples are taken with a hollow knife and incision is closed.

Wedge-spread or crush film techniques are used to examine the smear.

What Are The Parameters Measured In Bone Marrow Smear?

Bone marrow smear is observed for cellularity of different components, their numbers, and abnormalities.            

Preparation Before Performing Bone Marrow Smear Examination

Before undergoing a bone marrow examination a patient should:

  • Disclose all the previous medication like blood thinners and allergies.
  • Get blood pressure and heart rate checked.

Post-Care After Bone Marrow Smear Examination

No special post-care is required for bone marrow test.

Sample Types In Bone Marrow Smear Examination

Samples collected during bone marrow aspirations include:

  • Bone marrow aspirate biopsy/smear.
  • Bone marrow core sample.

Side Effects/Risks Of Bone Marrow Smear Examination

There are no risks associated with this bone marrow examination.

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