Bone Marrow Iron Stain

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Overview Brief

Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test can reveal the anemic level of the person, helping identify the anemia type.

What Is Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test?

Iron deficiency is common and can result in anemia.

Bone marrow aspirate can be used to determine the iron level in blood. Iron staining is done using Prussian Blue stain for ferric iron to assess iron stores of blood cells. Small amounts of ferric iron are found normally in bone marrow which combines with ferrocyanide and results in the formation of a bright blue pigment called Prussian blue.

Even single granules of iron in blood cells can be assessed with this technique.

Why Is Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test Suggested?

This test is suggested because:

  • Simple to perform.
  • Can assess blood cells reliably.

How Is Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test Performed?

This Iron stain procedure is performed as follows:

  • Posterior iliac crest of the patient is marked.
  • A hollow needle is inserted into the iliac crest which reaches the bone marrow and draws out aspirate.
  • A hollow knife may also be inserted to poke bigger and draw out more tissue samples.

The surgical area of the bone marrow is then closed and dressed up.   

What Are The Parameters Measured In Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test?

The iron stores of the bone marrow are assessed to determine the anemia level of a patient.   

Preparation Before Performing Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test

Before undergoing a bone marrow test the patient should:

  • Disclose all the previous medication like blood thinners.
  • Get blood pressure and heart rate checked.

Post-Care After Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test

No special post-care is required for bone marrow test.

Sample Types In Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test

Samples collected during bone marrow aspirations include:

  • Bone marrow aspirate clot and/or biopsy.
  • Bone marrow aspirate smears.
  • Peripheral blood smears.

Side Effects/Risks Of Bone Marrow Iron Stain Test

There are no risks associated with this iron staining procedure.

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