Bone Marrow Chromosome Analysis

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Overview Brief

Bone marrow chromosome analysis is helpful for people with specific leukemias and hematologic disorders, to monitor changes in response to treatment.

What is bone marrow chromosome analysis?

Bone marrow chromosome analysis is done to aid in defining particular leukemia forms and helps with prognosis.

Why bone marrow chromosome analysis is suggested?

It is helpful in the determination of disorders of the blood and for monitoring patients who had the transplant done.

  • For evaluating patients with particular malignant hematological disorders.
  • To monitor engraftment and hematological disorders in patients with a bone marrow transplant.
  • To detect chromosome abnormalities acquired that could be associated with acute leukemia, myeloproliferative and other related syndromes.

How is bone marrow chromosome analysis performed?

Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy are two steps in the testing.

  • The cytogenetic sample is obtained immediately after morphology sample collection, this is a liquid aspirate sample [1].
  • The biopsy involves removing a small amount of bone filled with marrow [2].
  • The samples are taken from the hip bone.
  • The area of the hip is numbed using local anesthesia. The doctor removes marrow cells and a small piece of bone using a hollow needle.

What are the parameters measured in bone marrow chromosome analysis?

Any changes in chromosomes are detected under a microscope that can determine how the marrow is functioning.

Preparation before performing bone marrow chromosome analysis

The patient may need sedatives in addition to local anesthesia.

Post-care after bone marrow chromosome analysis test

Slight bone pain is experienced by patients after the test, therefore if needed sufficient rest is recommended.

Sample types in bone marrow chromosome analysis

Following samples are collected for the test:

  • Non-diluted bone marrow aspirate (cytogenetic sample). The specimen is collected in a heparinized syringe, kept at room temperature [3].
  • A bone marrow core sample of 3-10 mm (indicated in care of packed marrow).

Side effects/ risks of bone marrow chromosome analysis

No significant risks are involved, slight bone pain can be experienced by some patients after the test.

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