Bone Densitometry Two Sites

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Overview Brief

Bone densitometry is an x-ray procedure used to measure bone loss. It is also called dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA).

What is Bone Densitometry Two Sites?

Bone densitometry, commonly called bone density scanning1 is an x-ray technique used to detect and monitor bone loss. Bone densitometry two sites is a non-invasive x-ray procedure. Bone densitometry two sites utilizes two x-ray beams of different energy levels. Bone densitometry two sites is the most widely used and accurate test to measure BMD.

How is Bone Densitometry Two Sites performed?

Following is the procedure of a bone densitometry two sites2:

You will lay flat on your back on a table while your legs are supported on a padded box to flatten the pelvis and lumbar spine.

A photon generator will pass slowly under you and an X-ray detector camera will pass above you parallel to the photon generator beneath. They will project images of the lumbar and hip bones on a computer screen.

After the scan of the lumbar and hip bones is complete the previous imaging procedure is repeated with the foot of your non-dominant hip inserted into a brace to move it into an internally-rotated position.

The next imaging procedure may involve one of the two bones of the lower arm usually the nondominant arm unless there is a history of a fracture of that arm.

The computer calculates the number of photons that are not absorbed by the bones and the bone mineral density will then be calculated by the radiologist.

Side effects/risks of Bone Densitometry Two Sites

Following are the risks of bone densitometry two sites:

Radiation exposure.

Risk of radiation exposure to pregnant women.

Preparation before performing Bone Densitometry Two Sites

Following are the preparation measures before bone densitometry two sites:

Remove all jewelry and other metal objects from your body before having an X-ray.

Notify the technologist if you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant.

Do not take calcium supplements the day of the exam

Post-care after Bone Densitometry Two Sites

One may resume normal activities after bone densitometry two sites.

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