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Overview Brief

Blood Grouping is a test done to identify a person’s blood group.

What is Blood Grouping?

Blood Grouping is done by serologic testing of blood samples also known as blood typing.

Blood Grouping is a method done in which the blood is distinguished by the presence or absence of antigens of red blood cells. Antigens can be identified by their response to certain antibodies that causes agglutination to arise.

The two familiar Blood Grouping are Rhesus blood group and Abo blood group systems.

Why is Blood Grouping suggested?

A Blood Grouping test is done if a person wants to donate blood or needs a blood transfusion. Blood types are not always compatible, so you need to know your blood group in order to avoid agglutination or blood clumping.

How is Blood Grouping performed?

Blood Grouping is performed at a clinical laboratory or hospital.

  • The technician will clean your skin with an antiseptic to help keep away any infection.
  • A band will be wrapped around your arm to make the veins more recognizable.
  • A needle will be used on your arm to remove samples of blood.

After the Blood Grouping test, a bandage will be put over the tested area.

What are the parameters measured in Blood Grouping?

The parameters measured in Blood Grouping are:

  • The percentages.
  • Acid levels.
  • Cell counts.
  • Units

Preparation before Blood Grouping

There is no special preparation before a Blood Grouping test. But make sure you are accompanied by a family member or friend, as you may feel a little weak after the test.


Post-care after Blood Grouping

Blood Grouping can determine your blood type in a few minutes. Once you have your reports your doctor will guide you with the following procedures.


Sample types in Blood Grouping

During the Blood Grouping test the two main test performed are:

  • ABO blood type.
  • Rh blood type.

See the mfine website to consult the best doctors for a Blood Grouping test.


Side effects/risks after Blood Grouping

After the Blood Grouping test, there can be a very slight risk like:

  • Bleeding under the skin.
  • Infection in the puncture area.

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