Barium Enema Single Contrast

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Barium Enema Single Contrast is a lower gastrointestinal tract radiography test.

What is Barium Enema Single Contrast?

Barium Enema Single contrast test aids in the diagnosis of diseases related to the colon or the large intestine. The test is used to evaluate different parts of the large intestine such as the right colon, transverse colon, left colon, sigmoid colon, rectum, appendix and a portion of the distal small intestine.

How is Barium Enema Single Contrast Performed?

Barium Enema Single Contrast test is performed using X-rays in the following ways –

The test is performed by a trained radiologist and a physician.

The patient has to lie down on the examination table.

An X-ray scan is conducted to ensure that the bowel is clean.

The radiologist inserts a small tube into the rectum and injects a mixture of barium and water.

Once the barium coats the lining of the colon, the radiologists capture X-ray images of the organ.

Once the procedure is completed, the barium is emptied through the tube inserted in the rectum.

The entire procedure of Barium Enema Single Contrast is completed in approximately 60 minutes.

Side-effects of Barium Enema Single Contrast

Barium Enema Single Contrast is a relatively safe procedure. However, some patients can experience side-effects such as

White stools for a couple of days


Inability to pass gas rectally

Preparations before Performing Barium Enema Single Contrast

Patients must inform their medical history to the doctors before undergoing Barium Enema Single Contrast test.

The patient should avoid eating solid foods for at least 6 hours before the procedure.

The colon should be clea

Patients have to remove jewellery and other metal objects before the examination.

Post-care of Barium Enema Single Contrast

The radiologist will provide a list of precautions to take after Barium Enema Single Contrast test.

The patient is given a laxative to remove the barium from the body.

The patient has to drink more water to clean the system.

An enema can be performed if the patient complains of difficult bowel movements after the test.

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