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The Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response or the BAER test measures the capacity of the brain to process the sounds, it hears. The test records the brainwaves that appear in response to the audio sounds played during the test.

What is BAER?

BAER is also known as a brainstem auditory potentials (BAEP) or an auditory brainstem response (ABR) test. BAER tests aids in the diagnosis of hearing loss and other nervous system disorders. The test is used for newborns, young children and other people who cannot undergo the standard hearing tests. BAER test is also used to identify hearing problems in the canines.

How is BAER Performed?

BAER is a simple and risk-free procedure. The process involves

The patient has to lie on a reclining chair or a bed.

The doctor places small electrodes on the scalp and the earlobes.

The electrodes are also connected to a machine that records brain activity.

The doctor then gives a pair of earphones that play the audio tones and clicks.

The patient has to lie still and just listen to the sounds.

BAER procedure is painless, and the patient can go home after the test.

Side-effects of BAER

BAER is a complication-free procedure.

The child may be sleepy for some time due to the sedative.

Preparations before performing BAER

Prior preparation is not required for undergoing the BAER test.

However, for very young children, who cannot stay still, the doctor may administer a mild sedative.

The doctor might recommend not to feed any solid foods to the child, before six hours of the test.

The child should not have any liquids 2 hours before the test.

Post-care for BAER

The post-care routine after BAER test is simple.

After the BAER test, children who are sedated should be monitored by a nurse until they are awake.

The doctor will give some simple instructions to take care of the child at home.

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