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What is BabyMap- single person?

A BabyMap-single person is a genetic test done to determine the conditions an individual is carrying genes for.

  • It tests for 171 genetic, metabolic and developmental disorders[1].
  • Gives information about many hereditary conditions that the individual’s future children can get due to his/her genes.

Why is BabyMap- single person suggested?

BabyMap- single person is suggested by physicians or genetic counselors.

  • Many genetic faults that do not appear as conditions but are dormant in the individual are non-working carrier genes[2].
  • These conditions are detected using a BabyMap- single person.
  • Early detection or detection of these conditions and carrier genes, enable the individual to determine his/her risk for reproduction.

How is BabyMap- single person performed?

For a BabyMap-single person:

  • 2-4 milliliters of venous blood is collected from your arm[1].
  • The blood is collected in an EDTA test tube to prevent clotting.
  • This blood is sent to a lab where DNA is extracted from it for the study.

What are the parameters measured in BabyMap- single person?

The BabyMap- single person detects the different genes on the DNA of the individual to understand if he/she is a carrier of any disorders which can be passed on to his/her future children.

Preparation before performing BabyMap- single person

For a BabyMap- single person test, no preparation is required.

Post-care after BabyMap- single person

There are no post case measures after a BabyMap- single person test.

Sample types in BabyMap- single person

For a BabyMap- single person test, venous blood is the sample type.

Side effects/risks of BabyMap- single person

There are no side effects associated with BabyMap- single person test.

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