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Overview Brief

There have been significant advances in the field of genetics. Tests like BabyMap For a Couple help couples to plan their pregnancy by understanding their own genetics.

What is BabyMap For a Couple?

BabyMap For a Couple is a new age genetic test.

  • It analyses the couples DNA to provide information about a couple’s reproductive risks[1].
  • Useful for couples planning for a child.
  • It gives them an idea of the genetic conditions they are carriers of including early detection of 171 metabolic, genetic and developmental conditions.

The BabyMap For a Couple helps them make informed decisions about their future family.

Why is a BabyMap For a Couple suggested?

A BabyMap for a couple gives a lot of information by analyzing the couple’s DNA.

  • A BabyMap For a Couple gives them an idea of any hereditary conditions their future children may be at risk of [2].
  • Gives an understanding of what genes they may pass on to their children.
  • Helps them understand their chances of conceiving and pregnancy management.

How is BabyMap For a Couple performed?

To perform a BabyMap For a Couple:

  • 2-4 milliliters of venous blood is collected from your arm.
  • The blood is collected in an EDTA test tube to prevent clotting.
  • This blood is sent to a lab where DNA is extracted from it for the study.

Once complete, your genetic test is sent to you.

What are the parameters measured in BabyMap For a Couple?

The BabyMap For a Couple uses DNA for the study. Every individual has 1-2 non-carrier genes that may not affect the carrier but may show effects in the next generation.

Preparation before performing BabyMap For a Couple

No preparation is needed for BabyMap For a Couple test.

Post-care after BabyMap For a Couple

There are no post-care measures after a BabyMap For a Couple test.

Sample types in BabyMap For a Couple

For a BabyMap For a Couple, the sample collected is a venous blood sample.

Side effects/risks of BabyMap For a Couple

The BabyMap For a Couple is a routine blood examination and has no side effects for the couple.

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