Anti Nuclear Antibody-IFA

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Antinuclear Antibody-IFA is a test that examines symptoms related to autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

What is the Antinuclear Antibody-IFA test?

The Antinuclear Antibody-IFA test is carried out to detect the presence of antibodies in the body. These antibodies attack the body’s own cells.

  • When the immune system produces antibodies, sometimes they start attacking the proteins inside the cells, which is usually the case in an autoimmune disorder.
  • When the immune system starts faltering, it generates antibodies, which kill cells and tissues of the body. These are termed as auto-antibodies.

Auto-antibodies can possibly harm skin, muscles, or other parts of the body. Antinuclear Antibody-IFA test can help detect the presence of these antibodies and their types.

Why is the AntiNuclear Antibody-IFA test suggested?

Antinuclear Antibody-IFA is suggested in case the following symptoms appear:

  • Hair loss.
  • Prolonged fever.

How is the AntiNuclear Antibody-IFA test performed?

Antinuclear Antibody-IFA is a blood test. It is performed as follows:

  • The patient is made to sit comfortably on a chair with an arm resting or outstretched for sample collection.
  • A band is tied above the elbow to make the veins more visible.
  • The needle is inserted to collect blood in a tube.

The sample is then sent for testing.

What are the parameters measured in the Anti Nuclear Antibody-IFA test?

The Antinuclear Antibody-IFA test measures ANA antibodies count.

Preparation before performing the Antinuclear Antibody-IFA test

The Antinuclear Antibody test does not require any specific preparation. The doctor must be informed about any current medication being consumed as some medicines may alter the test results.

Post-care after the Antinuclear Antibody-IFA test

No specific post-care is needed after this test.

Sample types in the Antinuclear Antibody-IFA test

A blood sample is required in the Antinuclear Antibody-IFA test.

Side effects/risks of the AntiNuclear Antibody-IFA test

The side effects of the Antinuclear Antibody-IFA test can include

  • Dizziness or fainting.

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