Anti-Mullerian Hormone

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Overview Brief

Anti-Mullerian Hormone test is ordered in women as well as infants.

What is Anti-HBeAg Total?

Anti-Mullerian Hormone test is ordered in women to evaluate ovarian function, menopausal status, PCOS or to examine how effective the ovarian cancer treatment is.

Why is Anti-Mullerian Hormone suggested?

Anti-Mullerian Hormone is suggested when the patient suffers from the following symptoms in women: [1]

  • Irregular uterine bleeding.
  • Acanthosis nigricans.
  • Acne.
  • Lack of menstrual cycle (amenorrhea).
  • Reduction in breast size.
  • Enlarged ovaries.
  • Surplus face and body hair (hirsutism) including male hair growth patterns, like hair on the face, sideburn area, chin, upper lip, lower back, buttock, lower abdominal midline, chest, areola, as well as inner thigh.
  • Increase in weight, with fat distribution in core of the body.
  • Skin tags in the armpits or the neck.
  • Thinning of hair.
  • Baldness in a male pattern.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone test is also done when the testicles of the infant boy are missing, functioning badly or are hidden. [1]

How is Anti-Mullerian Hormone performed?

After wrapping an elastic band around the upper arm, blood is withdrawn.

What are the parameters measured in the Anti-Mullerian Hormone?

This test measures the AMH in the blood. [1]

 Preparation before performing Anti-Mullerian Hormone

No test preparation is required. However, the patient can ask his queries to the doctor. Furthermore, there is no specific diet to follow before the test.

Post-care after Anti-Mullerian Hormone

No specific post-care to follow.

Sample types in Anti-Mullerian Hormone

A blood sampleis drawn from a vein in the arm. [1]

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Side effects/risks of Anti-Mullerian Hormone

There are no side effects of Anti-Mullerian Hormone test however the patient might be required to put a bandaid on the area from where the sample was withdrawn.

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