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Overview brief

Amylase is a type of test used to determine the level of Amylase enzyme in the blood.

What is Amylase?

Amylase is a test conducted to determine the level of Amylase enzyme in the blood of the person. High level of Amylase indicates that there is a pancreatic disorder in the patient.  Amylase test confirms whether the Pancreas and salivary glands of the patient is swollen

Why is Amylase suggested?

Amylase test is suggested when the patient might have one of the following symptoms,

  • Swelling of the stomach.
  • Acute pain in the gallbladder.
  • Pain in the stomach.
  • Pain in the throat.


How is Amylase tests performed?

The patient is asked to undergo a blood test to confirm the Amylase like,

  • The blood is drawn with the help of a needle from the vein of the patient.
  • The area is cleaned with an antiseptic and  a cord is tied around the place for proper vein detection

Amylase tests provide perfect results.

What are the parameters measured in Amylase?

The parameters measured in Amylase  are,

  • The doctor conducts a blood test to confirm the presence of pancreatic disorders and other types of infections that are indicated by high amylase levels.

Preparation before performing Amylase

Before the Amylase test the patients should,

  • Inform about the previous medications to the doctors.
  • The patient should also inform the doctor about the previous tests he had taken.

Post-care after Amylase

Post-care after Amylase testing are,

  • The patient can leave after the test. No extra care required.
  • The doctor will start the treatment for the disorder or sometimes he might order an ultrasound scan to confirm the diagnosis.

Sample types in Amylase

The sample types in Amylase are,

  • Blood samples.


Side effects of Amylase test

Common Side effects of Amylase tests are,

  • The patient might experience discomfort while drawing blood.

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