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Overview Brief

The Amphetamine Screen Urine test to determine the presence of amphetamine (an antidepressant) in the patient’s urine. Doctors, employers or sports officials may require this test for a number of reasons.

What is Amphetamine Screen Urine?

Amphetamine Screen Urine is a test performed in patients suspected of having a large amount of amphetamine (a street drug) which is responsible for conditions like hallucinating, hyperactivity, high blood pressure, and paranoia. This drug stimulates the nervous system makes the user feel very alert and energetic but it can be harmful to health if taken in inordinate amounts.


How is Amphetamine Screen Urine Performed?

The Amphetamine Screen Urine is a painless and safe procedure. The process of Amphetamine Screen Urine involves

  • Patients are required to give a urine sample at the clinic in the presence of a pathologist.
  • The patient will have to urinate in a container, provided by the pathologist.
  • The urine sample is sent to a lab, where professionals test the sample for traces of any drug overdose.
  • The patient will get the test results within a period of time until then the patient should quit taking the drug.

Patients can leave the hospital as soon as the sample is taken.


Preparation before Amphetamine Screen Urine

Patients have to schedule the test beforehand. This test requires no special preparation.

  • The patient should tell the pathologist if they are taking any prescribed medication.

Post-care after Amphetamine Screen Urine

The pathologist will advise about the post-care after the test.

  • You may resume your usual lifestyle right after the procedure unless your doctor advises otherwise.

Sample type required in Amphetamine Screen Urine

Samples required for testing are

  • Urine

Side-effects of Amphetamine Screen Urine

Amphetamine Screen Urine is a safe and painless procedure. The test poses no risks or complications.

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