Alpha-1 Antitrypsin

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Overview Brief

You suffer from diseases because your liver doesn’t make enough of a protein called alpha-1 antitrypsin, or AAT. You need Alpha-1 antitrypsin to protect lungs from severe diseases. Without it, infections like tobacco smoke, break down parts of your lung even faster.

What is Alpha-1 Antitrypsin?

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency is a genetic disease, which means it’s passed down from your parents. It can cause severe lung disease that makes it hard to breathe. It can also cause liver disease that leads to jaundice, which makes your skin look yellowish.

Why is Alpha-1 Antitrypsin suggested?

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin symptoms can vary depending on the levels. Symptoms are as below:

  • Jaundice.
  • Yellowish skin.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Chronic pulmonary obstructive diseases.
  • Swelling of the abdomen.


How is Alpha-1 Antitrypsin performed?

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin blood tests may include:

  • A technician puts a needle to take a small sample of blood from a vein in your hand or arm.
  • They’ll send your blood to the lab.
  • Some tests such as ultrasound imaging or tests using specialised X-ray techniques may be necessary.
  • A liver biopsy may be performed to check for damage to the liver.

What are the parameters measured in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin?

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin test can be conducted via the following methods:

  • The diagnosis of Alpha-1 is done to test that showing the low levels of alpha-1 antitrypsin and abnormal liver tests.

Preparation before performing Alpha-1 Antitrypsin

The preparation for the Alpha-1 Antitrypsin test includes:

  • Discuss medical history and allergies with the doctor.
  • Overnight fasting is preferred.
  • Wear light clothes and half sleeves.

Post-care after Alpha-1 Antitrypsin

You should take care of below steps for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin:

  • Take multi-vitamin.

Sample types in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin

Few samples are for Alpha-1 Antitrypsin as follows:

  • Blood test.

Side effects/risks of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin blood test side effects are:

  • You may feel a small skin prick and have a little bruising or bleeding where the needle goes in.

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