Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM

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Overview Brief

 Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM test is broadly executed to diagnose the patient with pollen allergy.


What is Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM?

Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM is an IgE antibody allergy test that utilizes a prick test to examine whether the patient is allergic to Elm Trees and their pollen. A blood test is suggested in case the skin prick test cannot be done. 

Why is Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM suggested?

The Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM test is suggested in case of the following symptoms [2]:-

  • Asthma-like symptoms.
  • Teary eyes.
  • Dark circles under eyes.

How is Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM performed?

In the case of a blood test, blood is withdrawn from the vein.

Allergist performs a skin prick test. Various types of allergens are pricked in different areas that are marked. The test can take place on the forearm or the back. 


What are the parameters measured in Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM?

In case of blood test in Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM IgE (also known as immunoglobulin E, which is an antibody) levels higher than 0.35 kU/L suggests sensitization and the body is likely to react to the allergen.

Preparation before performing Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM

The patient is not required to make any preparations beforehand. Fasting is not required for Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM test.

Post-care after Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM

Once the procedure is completed, the allergist might give you a cream to rub on the test area so as to relieve the discomfort and itching caused due to the skin test. It might take a day for the redness, bumps and other symptoms to subside.

Sample types in Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM

Scratch off the skin or a blood sample is taken.

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Side effects/risks of Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM

The side effects of Allergy, Individual Marker, ELM are 

  • Itching
  • Inflammation that looks like mosquito bites.

Minimum 15 minutes are required for the reactions to develop fully.

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