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Coffee triggers an immune response in certain individuals who are immunisentitive to caffeine. It t can be detected by immuno testing using coffee as an individual allergen marker.

What is an allergy test for coffee as an individual marker?

The allergy test for caffeine as an individual marker is performed to check if your body is producing IgE antibodies against coffee when it is introduced to your body.

The kinds of tests which can be performed are skin prick test and blood test.

Why is an allergy test for coffee suggested?

It is essential to get checked for coffee allergy as some extreme symptoms might develop.

  • Swollen lips or tongue, itchiness of the mouth and hives.
  • The anaphylactic reaction which includes difficulty in breathing and coughing. 

How is an allergy test for coffee performed?

There are two basic tests for coffee allergy, firstly the skin prick test and then the blood test.

  • Skin prick test: a tiny amount of coffee is placed under your skin to test of it elicits an immune response (inflammation or redness) in 10 mins. [2]
  • Blood test: a sample of the patient’s blood is exposed to caffeine and checked whether IgE antibodies are formed.

Both the above-mentioned tests are highly accurate.

What are the parameters measured in allergy tests for coffee?           

Coffee allergy triggers the immune system of the affected individual to make IgE antibodies against it. In the skin prick test, the production of IgE antibodies causes redness, inflammation, and irritation.

Preparation before performing allergy test for coffee 

There is no preparation required before the test.


Post-care after allergy test for coffee

Post-test care includes:

  • Stay under the doctor’s supervision for one hour after the test has been conducted.[3]
  • If any symptoms of allergy are experienced report to the doctor immediately

Sample types in allergy test for coffee

A small sample of blood is required.       

Coffee allergy can be triggered on even the slightest exposure to the allergen, a doctor’s consultation is needed so that the patient can be given professional advice, download the mfine app today and start online consultation with expert doctors.

Side effects/risks of allergy testing for individual marker coffee

The blood tests do not entail any risk but the skin prick test carries the risk of an allergy reaction while the test is being performed. Here are the following risks:

  • Swelling of the face
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Choking

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