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Overview Brief

A lot of people have allergic reactions against insects like honey bees, cockroaches, etc. These allergies can range from mild to life-threatening. The allergy, Individual marker, Cockroach test detects these bug allergies.

What is Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH?

Allergy, Individual Marker, Cockroach tests patients suffering from cockroach allergy. The test examines the blood sample and detects antibodies against allergens produced by cockroaches. Allergy, Individual marker, Cockroach test can aid allergists and physicians to treat the allergy using suitable medications.

Why is Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH suggested?

The Allergy, individual marker, cockroach test is done to diagnose various symptoms like

  • itching of eyes.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Rashes and itching of the skin.

How is Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH performed?

Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH test is performed at a pathology lab.

  • A blood sample is drawn from the patient.
  • The sample is analyzed usingEnzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA, or EIA)

 The results of Allergy, Individual Marker, Cockroach are given a few days after the procedure.

What are the parameters measured in Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH?

 Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH  test measures the level of IgG antibodies against allergens in a cockroach.

 Preparation before performing Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH

 There are no special preparations that one should do before meeting the doctor. But the following things should be done,

  • Tell the doctor about your medical history.


Post-care after Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH

Post care after Allergy, Individual Marker, Cockroach does not require any care.

  • The patient can resume normal activity.


Sample types in Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH

Sample types required are,

  • Blood sample.

Side effects/risks of Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH

Allergy, Individual Marker, COCKROACH does not have any serious and long-lasting side effects.

  • Pain at injection site.
  • Excessive bleeding.

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