Allergy – Food (Vegetarian)

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Overview brief

Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) is a common allergic reaction among people nowadays. Most of the common protein source in vegetarian food have allergens in them.

What is Allergy – Food (Vegetarian)?

Food allergy is caused when the patient consuming the food is affected by the particular chemical present in the food. When consumed, the antibodies in the patient’s body starts to react against the chemical causing severe Allergy – Food (Vegetarian). 

Why is Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) suggested?

Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) is suggested to find the reason for symptoms like,

  • Swelling of face and tongue.
  • Itchiness and rashes in the skin.
  • Bumps in the area of contact.


How is Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) tests performed?


The patient is subjected to various tests to determine their Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) like,

  • The physician will take a blood sample from the patient and the blood is subjected to various types of allergens in the lab.
  • Blood is conducted to find if the antibodies are present in the bloodstream.

Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) tests provide accurate results and is an easy procedure.

What are the parameters measured in Allergy – Food (Vegetarian)?

The parameters measured in Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) are,

  • Blood test is done to determine the presence of antibodies that act against the allergens and their severity.

Preparation before performing Allergy – Food (Vegetarian)


Before being subjected to test for Allergy – Food (Vegetarian ) the patients should,

  • Inform if they have done previous tests before.
  • The patient should inform their reactions in the previous tests to the doctor.
  • It’s a pain-free and easy test.

Post-care after Allergy – Food (Vegetarian)

Post-care after Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) testing are,

  • The doctor may prescribe a different medicine that doesn’t affect the patient.


Sample types in Allergy – Food (Vegetarian)


The sample types in Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) are,

  • Blood samples.
  • Urine samples.

Side effects of Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) test

Common Side effects of Allergy – Food (Vegetarian) tests are,

  • The patient might have a severe reaction even during the prick test.
  • The patient might experience some discomfort but it will pass away soon.

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