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Glycolysis or breakdown of Glucose is the main process by which the body derives energy, one of the important enzymes involved in the process is Aldolase.


What is Aldolase?

Aldolase is an enzyme that is present in the liver as well as muscle tissue and may be released when either of these is damaged. It has 3 subtypes: A, B, and C. It is an enzyme that is required for breaking Aldehyde Sugars such as Glucose for energy production in the body. Although the direct correlation of levels with liver and muscle damage doesn’t exist, Aldolase may be one of the enzymes elevated.

Why is Aldolase suggested?

Aldolase is no longer a routine test, but it may be suggested if you have any of the following disorders diagnosed earlier:

  • Liver Cirrhosis or Hepatitis
  • Dermatomyositis, Polymyositis or Muscular Dystrophy

How is Aldolase performed?

Aldolase testing is a fairly simple procedure:

  • It requires simple blood sampling and testing.
  • After taking the sample, aldolase levels are checked in the laboratory.

Testing of other parameters like liver function tests and muscle enzymes with Aldolase help in better diagnosis.

What are the parameters measured in Aldolase?

In Aldolase testing, the normal parameter range is:

  • Around 1.0-7.5 U/L (17 years and Above)
  • Around 14.5 U/L (Up to 16 years)

Preparation before performing Aldolase

The following preparatory measures should be kept in mind for Aldolase testing:

  • Fasting before Aldolase testing is required, for up to 6-12 hours.
  • Regular exercise regimen should be informed to the doctor.

Post-care after Aldolase

No special post care for the testing is required.

Sample types in Aldolase

Aldolase testing requires taking the blood sample, which is mostly drawn from the vein in your arm.

Side effects/ risks of Aldolase

Aldolase is an essential enzyme and there are no side effects or risks of Aldolase testing. However, a regular exercise regimen, low to no alcohol intake, and regular testing to keep the levels in check is advised.

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