Absolute Granulocyte Count

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Absolute Granulocyte Count – All You Need to Know

An Absolute granulocyte Count test determines the number of granulocytes in blood.

What is Absolute Granulocyte Count?

If you are having any infection or sepsis, then the most confirmative diagnostic method could be absolute granulocyte count test.

This test is also known as absolute neutrophil count, which can offer an indication about how the body is coping against the incoming alien bodies. If the absolute granulocyte count is less than normal, then it is a sign that the person is suffering from low immunity and is susceptible to various diseases and infections. The absolute granulocyte count gives the indication for the key component of the body’s defense mechanism.

Thus, absolute granulocyte count test is a vital one regarding the fighting ability of the body against various microorganisms.

Why Is Absolute Granulocyte Count Suggested?

The absolute granulocyte count test is suggested in the following cases –

  • If there is any suspicion of infection.
  • Medications that may have a destructive effect on bone marrow and granulocytes.
  • Diseases of bone marrow.
  • Autoimmune diseases etc.

How Is Absolute Granulocyte Count Performed?

The absolute granulocyte count is performed in the following way.

  • This test is performed by taking a blood sample.
  • The blood is taken from the body by a needle.
  • Before drawing the blood, the place is cleaned with antiseptic agents so that infection doesn’t occur.
  • The needle is inserted into the vein and the required amount of blood is then collected.
  • The sample is then sent to the lab for further investigation.

What Are the Parameters Measured in Absolute Granulocyte Count?

The parameters that are measured in absolute granulocyte count test is the number of the granulocytes in blood. The normal range of absolute granulocyte count is 1500 to 8000/mm3.

Preparation for Absolute Granulocyte Count

There’s no special preparation required for absolute granulocyte count test. You can eat a normal diet and there are no other restrictions.

Post Care After Absolute Granulocyte Count

There’s no requirement of post care after absolute granulocyte count.

Samples Types in Absolute Granulocyte Count

This test can be performed in children or adults.

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Side Effects of Absolute Granulocyte Count

There are no side effects of absolute granulocyte count. However, if you are taking any medication, then you should inform the doctor about it.

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