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Absolute Eosinophil Count – Everything You Need to Know

An eosinophil is the type of blood cells the count of which increases in an allergic reaction. In order to diagnose such cases, Absolute Eosinophil Count indication is very important as it can point towards the underlying symptoms and the diseases.

What Is Absolute Eosinophil Count?

The Eosinophil count is an indication of many conditions. In simpler words, Absolute Eosinophil Count can be called as the test that measures the number of white blood cells called eosinophils. This test is mainly performed to determine the symptoms of allergic reactions or when the patient is suffering from infections. The Absolute Eosinophil Count could point to the right direction for diagnosis in these cases.

Why Absolute Eosinophil Count Is Suggested?

Absolute Eosinophil Count is suggested on many occasions. Such as –

  • In case of an allergic reaction to check how severe the allergic reaction is.
  • Infection by a parasite that can also increase the count.
  • In the case of the acute hypereosinophilic syndrome which can become fatal.

An eosinophil count can also indicate the early stages of Cushing’s syndrome.

How Absolute Eosinophil Count Is Performed?

The Absolute Eosinophil Count is performed with the help of a blood test. The test involves the following aspects:

  • The blood is drawn from a vein from inside elbow or back of the hand.
  • Before drawing the blood, the place is cleaned with antiseptic so that infection doesn’t occur.
  • After drawn from the body, the blood is collected into an airtight tube.
  • In the lab, the blood is added with a stain which results in eosinophil to show up as orange-red granules.

And then, the cells are counted in order to calculate the absolute eosinophil count

What Are the Parameters Measured In Absolute Eosinophil Count?

The parameters that are measured in Absolute Eosinophil Count is the number of eosinophil cells. The normal results may vary from person to person and it will also depend upon the lab where the test was performed. But in most cases, you will find the normal range around 500 cells/microliter.

Preparation for Absolute Eosinophil Count

There is no preparation required for absolute eosinophil count except you should tell doctors if you are taking any medications as they may be contradictory.

Post Care After Absolute Eosinophil Count

No post care is required for absolute eosinophil count test.

Samples Types in Absolute Eosinophil Count

The blood sample is the same for adults and children.

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Side Effects of Absolute Eosinophil Count

There are no side effects of absolute eosinophil count.

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