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Overview Brief

A 3D whole spine scan is performed to get a better view of the entire spine and its structures non-invasively.

What is 3D whole spine scan?

A 3D whole spine scan is performed to get a clear view of the spine, vertebrae, & associated nerves and blood vessels.

A 3D whole spine helps detect any abnormalities or diseases of spinal cord or vertebrae.

It allows non-invasive visualisation of internal structures around the spinal cord for trauma.

3D printed spinal cord is used to replace a diseased or damaged part of the spinal cord in patients.

A 3D whole spine gives a lot of information with just one scan.

How is 3D whole spine performed?

A 3D whole spine scan is performed similarly to a 3D scan of other parts of the body.

You will have to lie down on a table in the correct posture.

A dye may be injected for the test.

In some cases, the table might move along with the scanner.

You might be asked to hold your breath during the scan.

The scan takes 30 minutes.

Side effects and risks of 3D whole spine

Apart from the common risks, 3D whole spine scan can cause:

Back pain from lying down for the duration of the scan.

There can be a chance of allergy or temporary damage to the kidney due to the dye.

Increased exposure to radiation.

Preparation before performing a 3D whole spine scan:

A 3D whole spine scan needs minimal preparation.

You will be asked to wear loose clothing.

You will be asked to avoid movements during the scan.

You may be injected with a dye for the 3D whole spine

Post-care after the 3D whole spine scan:

The procedure might take a bit longer since it is a 3D whole spine.

Drink lots of water.

If a 3D whole spine scan strained your back, necessary care must be given.

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