3D Scan Right Hip Joint

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Overview Brief:

CT scan of the right hip is an analysis of the pelvic region to visualise the inner geometry of the organs.

What is a 3D Scan of Right Hip Joint

This computerized tomography scan is a process to view the intricate structures of the inner organs.

It detects ligament injuries, fractures, and infections in the area.

With the help of X-rays, a high-quality image is developed of all the details of the cartilage and the ligaments.

The three-dimensional structure thus obtained, is further subjected to analysis and diagnosis.

How is a 3D Scan Right Hip Joint performed?

The radiologist follows this procedure –

A contrast material may be injected inside the body of the patient.

The patient lies down on a table in a still position.

The table moves within the machine and the X- rays scan the body.

It does not take an enormous amount of time to execute.

Side Effects and Risks of 3D Scan Right Hip Joint

Some of the associated risks are:

Exposure to a certain amount of radiation.

An allergic reaction like itching, redness, and swelling due to the contrast.

The CT scan affects the foetus in pregnant women.

Preparation before performing 3D Scan Right Hip Joint

A patient has to follow these steps before the scan –

Do not wear any jewellery or accessories.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Do not consume food for a few hours before the scanning test.

Inform the doctor if the patient has diabetes.

Post-care after 3D Scan Right Hip Joint

The specialist will inform the patient about the next steps, depending on the diagnosis of the left shoulder joint. No extra care is required, and the patient may resume normal activities.

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