3D Scan Left Shoulder Joint

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Overview Brief:

CT scan of the shoulder helps to identify the internal structure of the shoulder using X-rays.

It is a computed tomography scan which allows one to view the cross-sectional areas of the parts.

What is 3D Scan of Left Shoulder Joint?

A 3D scan uses X-rays that strike the bones and surrounding area to produce an image on a film.

It scans soft tissues to detect abnormalities.

The CT scan helps diagnose blood clots and fractures in the related area.

This method is a convenient method for the doctor and the patient to know the exact cause of the problem.

How is 3D Scan of Right Shoulder Joint performed?

To execute a CT scan, the radiologist follows the following steps:

The specialist might introduce a contrast dye into the body.

The patient lies down in a still position on a bed.

The bed moves along the tunnel, and the machine scans the areas concerned.

The computer combines the pictures taken from several directions to make a three-dimensional image of the concerned area.

It takes 30 – 45 minutes to execute the overall process. [1]

Side Effects and Risks of 3D Scan Left Shoulder Joint

Some possible risks associated with the scan are –

The dye may pose kidney problems and cause allergic reactions.

It has adverse effects on the foetus.

There is exposure to a certain amount of radiation.

Preparation before performing 3D Scan Left Shoulder Joint

A patient has to follow these steps before the scan –

Remove any jewellery or accessories on the body.

Wear loose clothes.

Do not consume food 4 to 6 hours before the scan.

Post-care after 3D Scan Right Shoulder Joint

The specialist will inform the patient about the next steps, depending on the diagnosis of the left shoulder joint. No extra care is required, and the patient may resume normal activities.

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