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Overview Brief:

The 3D scan of the left leg produces images of the left foot cross-sectional area by using X-rays.

This computing tomography technique helps in viewing the internal structures of the leg.

What is a 3D scan Of The Left Leg

If a patient suffers from persistent pain or any other type of problem in the leg, the doctor advises him to undergo a 3D scan.

It detects the presence of infection, fractures, tumours, and damaged tissues in the leg.

With the help of X-rays, a computer produces a 3D image of the leg on a film.

This helps the doctor to diagnose the problem.

This a non-invasive procedure to view the problems in the leg.

How is a 3D scan Left Leg performed?

It is a simple method carried out by a radiologist or a technician in the radiology department.

If required, the patient is given a contrast intravenously or orally.

The patient lies down on a bed in a still position.

A lead sheet covers the other parts of the body.

The rotating X-ray beams scan the leg and produce images known as slices, which put together, create a 3D structure.

The procedure is usually short and takes around 10-15 minutes. [1]

Side effects and risks of a 3D Scan Left Leg

Certain risks associated with this procedure are:

Contrast dyes may cause allergy such as redness and itching in the skin.

It affects the foetus of a pregnant woman and causes birth defects.

Preparation before performing a 3D Scan Left Leg

Some preparatory steps that are usually followed are:

The patient removes any jewellery or accessory on the body.

The patient avoids the consumption of food 4-6 hours before the scan. [1]

The test should be avoided during pregnancy.

Post-Care After a 3D Scan Left Leg

 If the doctor gives certain instructions, then the patient must follow them accordingly.

The patient can resume regular activities.

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