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Overview Brief

A 3D scan of the hip joint is a painless test done to scan the bones of the hip joint.

What is a 3D Scan Hip Joint?

In an X-ray or 3D scan of the hip joint, the machine sends a beam of radiation through the hips joints and the pelvic bones.

The scan results in an image that showcases the soft tissues and bones of the hip joint and the pelvis.

The images are from two angles: anteroposterior view and the lateral view.

A 3D scan of the hip identify tumors, infection of joints, bone cysts, etc.

After the assessment, the doctor will suggest a treatment plan.

How is a 3D Scan Hip Joint performed?

You can expect the radiologist to follow these steps during the scan:

You will be asked to lie still without any movement.

The radiologist will ask you to position your legs straight for the anteroposterior view and one with the knees apart and feet together for the lateral view.

Risks of the 3D Scan Hip Joint

Unless you are pregnant, the hip joint scan is not harmful. The amount of exposure to radiation is kept to a bare minimum.

Preparation before performing a 3D Scan Hip Joint

The test does not require any significant preparation.

Avoid wearing any jewelry, eyeglasses or any metal objects.

You will be asked to wear a lead apron to avoid exposure of radiation to the sensitive parts of your body.

Post-care after the 3D Scan Hip Joint

Standard 3D scans involve minimum radiation and have no side-effects, allowing one to resume daily activities.

Apart from detecting broken bones and dislocation of joints, an X-ray can also find the cause of symptoms such as limping, pain, tenderness in the hip area. Consult top radiologists
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