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Overview Brief

Elbow injuries are common, and a delay in diagnosis can cause chronic disability. A 3D CT scan helps with a proper diagnosis of the injury.

What is 3D Scan of Left Elbow Joint?

A painless test, the 3D scan uses a small amount of radiation to take pictures of a person’s left elbow.

A 3D scan of a left elbow joint is done to check for a bone fracture.

The scan can help find the source of pain or swelling, detect broken bones or dislocated joints.

The scan is done post surgery to assess results and progress.

How is a 3D scan Elbow Joint performed?

The procedure a radiologist follows for 3D scan Left elbow joint is –

The patient is asked to remove any metal accessories.

You might be injected with a contrast dye.

The radiologist will position your left elbow on the table and step out.

During the X-ray, the machine sends a beam of radiation through the elbow which records an image of the elbow.

Risks of the 3D Scan Left Elbow Joint

Even though they are mostly safe, there are a few risks:

Exposure to radiation. (2)

Allergic reaction to contrast dye.

Preparation before performing a 3D Scan of Left Elbow Joint

The doctor or radiologist will prepare you before the X-ray. However, here are a few tips:

Avoid wearing any jewelry, eyeglasses or any metal objects.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

Post-care after 3D Scan Left Elbow Joint

One can resume regular activities after 3D Scan Left Elbow Joint. In case you’ve been injected with a dye, drink loads of water.

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