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3D Dorsal Spine is an advanced diagnostic imaging procedure that aids in the detection of disorders associated with the dorsal or thoracic spine.

What is 3D Dorsal Spine Scan?

3D Dorsal Spine is a scanning procedure that uses X-rays, contrast, and advanced computer technology to produce three dimensional reconstruction of the dorsal spine. A 3D Dorsal Spine scan aids in the diagnosis of arthritis, herniated discs, dysfunctional joints, and pain in the dorsal spine.

How is 3D Dorsal Spine Performed?

3D Dorsal Spine is a painless procedure. The process involves the following steps:

The patient has to lie on an examination table in the CT room.

An IV is inserted to inject the contrast.

The patient is supported with pillows and straps to stay still during the examination.

The table slides inside the CT tunnel, which uses X-rays and advanced computer programs to construct 3D images of the dorsal spine.

The contrast used during 3D Dorsal Spine helps to differentiate the nerves and blood vessels from other soft tissues.

Side-effects of 3D Dorsal Spine

3D Dorsal Spine is a risk-free procedure that does not have major side-effects.

Patients may suffer from allergies to the contrast.

The contrast used for 3D Dorsal Spine scan can damage the kidneys.

Radiation during the procedure can cause cancer.

Radiation can have adverse effects on the foetus of pregnant women.

Preparations before Performing 3D Dorsal Spine

3D Dorsal Spine is a pre-scheduled procedure, which requires some prior preparation.

The doctor should be informed about allergies, medical history, and health ailments.

Notify the radiologist if you are pregnant.

Wear comfortable clothes for the test.

Remove jewellery and other metal objects before the test.

Fast for 6 hours before the 3D Dorsal Spine Scan.

Post-care after 3D Dorsal Spine

3D Dorsal Spine does not require any special post-care.

Patients can go home and resume normal routine after 3D Dorsal Spine scan.

Consume plenty of fluids to flush out the contrast.

Pay close attention to any symptoms of allergy to the contrast and report them to the doctor.

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