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3D CT Scan Head is an advanced computerized tomography scan that produces three dimensional images of the head.

What is 3D CT Scan Head?

3D CT Scan Head is an advanced diagnostic imaging test which helps the neurosurgeons to have a detailed three dimensional view of the internal organs of the head. The 3D CT Scan Head is used to detect haemorrhages, tumors, bone tumors, calcifications, and bone tumors in the skull.

How is 3D CT Scan Head Performed?

3D CT Scan Head is a painless and risk-free procedure. The following steps are involved in the process:

The patient has to lie on the examination table in the CT room, where iodine-based radio contrast is injected through the IV.

The table passes through a circular CT scan machine, which resembles a tunnel.

The CT scanner operates using X-rays.

The X-ray detector is placed opposite to the X-ray generator in the CT scanner.

The raw data is represented in a sonogram.

It is also processed through the tomographic reconstruction, which produces three dimensional images.

3D CT Scan Head can be performed with or without contrast.

Side-effects of 3D CT Scan Head

3D CT Scan Head is a minimally invasive procedure that does not have any major


Some patients may suffer from an allergy to the contrast material.

The contrast material can cause kidney problems.

Exposure to radiation during the 3D CT Scan Head can alter DNA and cause cancer.

Bruising near the IV area.

Preparations before Performing 3D CT Scan Head

The 3D CT Scan Head takes only 30 minutes.

The doctor should be informed about allergies, medical history, and other chronic diseases of the patient.

The doctor should be notified about pregnancy.

Follow the instructions of the doctor about the medications to stop consuming before 3D CT Scan Head.

If performed with contrast, fast for a few hours.

Post-care of 3D CT Scan Head

Patients can go home immediately after the procedure and resume their normal routine.

Pay close attention to any sign of allergy to the contrast.

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