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3D CT scans of the face can help diagnose conditions like headaches, dizziness, swelling, seizures, and other conditions caused by injury or trauma.

What is a 3D CT Scan Face?

A 3D CT facial scan uses X-ray technology along with advanced computer analysis to obtain detailed, high quality pictures of particular regions of the body.

Facial 3D CT scans can facilitate better diagnosis, allowing for improved treatment planning [3].

How is 3D CT Scan Face Performed?

Facial 3D CT scans can be quick and easy to perform.

The patient lies flat on the back on the examination table, with the head placed in a holder and arms on the sides.

Table slides inside the scanner to cover only the head area.

A contrast dye can also be injected through IV in some cases.

Facial 3D CT scan is completed within a few minutes.

Side Effects and Risks Associated with 3D CT Scan Face

Risks associated with 3D CT Scan Face are

Ionizing radiation, caused by the X-rays, can lead to cancer and the probability is 1 in 2,000.

The injected dye could have allergic reactions.

Preparation before Performing 3D CT Scan Face

There is no need for any special preparation for a 3D CT face scan.

Wear loosefitting, comfortable clothes.

Remove any metal accessories on the face.

Normal daily routine can be continued after a facial 3D CT scan.

Post-Care after 3D CT Scan Face

There is no need for any special care post 3D CT Scan Face. It is recommended to drink a lot of water, in case a contrast dye is used.

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