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Overview Brief

An Orbit CT scan or a 3D CT Orbit is an imaging method, which uses x-rays to create detailed images of the eye sockets, eyes, and surrounding bones.

What is a 3D CT Orbit?

An eye specialist can advise a 3D CT Orbit to diagnose diseases related to the eyes and the surrounding areas. A 3D CT Orbit test can help in the diagnosis of diseases in the blood vessels, eye muscles, optic nerves, eyes, and sinuses. The 3D CT Orbit can also be used to locate infection in the eye area, broken eye socket bones and any foreign objects in the eye sockets.

How is a 3D CT Orbit Performed?

The entire process of a 3D CT Orbit takes around 15 minutes to complete.

The patient has to lie on a CT examination table that moves into the CT scanner.

The patient has to lie still during the imaging process.

The CT machine creates separate images of the eyes and the surrounding areas.

The 3D CT Orbit is a painless procedure, which does not cause any discomfort.

Side-effects of the 3D CT Orbit

The benefits of the 3D CT orbit outweigh the risks involved in the procedure. Some of the side-effects are

Exposure to radiation, which can cause cancer.

Birth defects in pregnant women.

Harmful effects on

Allergic reactions to the contrast.

Preparations before Performing a 3D CT Orbit

3D CT Orbit is a pre-planned procedure. The patient should arrive at the radiology centre at the scheduled time. The preparation includes

Remove any jewellery or metal objects that interfere with the imaging process.

Talk to the eye specialist beforehand to know the precautions to be taken, if you are on other medications.

Some cases require an intravenous contrast to be injected; then a cannula is inserted in the arm.

Post-care of a 3D CT Orbit

The 3D CT Orbit is a simple and painless procedure. The procedures for the post-care include

Consuming lots of water to flush out the contrast, if it is used.

Abstaining from certain medications for 48 hours after the procedure.

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