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Tag: depression treatment

What Are The Effects Of Smoking On Your Heart?

All it takes is one step to quit the dangerous habit.

What Are The Effects Of Alcohol On Your Heart?

While we’re often told that a glass of wine a day is healthy, it’s important to understand the long term effects of drinking.

5 Fun Ways To Make Every Walk A Heart Walk

Just one hour of walking can help you burn about 300 calories with minimal effort - what are you waiting for?

Hypothyroidism During Pregnancy: Tips For A Healthy Delivery

A growing fetus can not synthesize hormones at least till the second trimester, so the fetus is completely dependent on the mother’s thyroid hormones.

Suicidal Depression: The Difference Between Suicide And Depression

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day but care should never be restricted to only one day.

Ovulation Pain: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

Ovulation pain self limiting and if it is not resolved or becomes too severe, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

A Practical Diabetic Diet Plan You Can Easily Follow

Practicing portion control and mindful eating can help you live a healthier lifestyle

Is COVID 19 Becoming An Endemic In India?

There are still chances for the third wave to ensue.

COVID C.1.2 And Mu Variant: What We Know So Far

Getting vaccinated is the need of the hour.

10 Eating Habits To Adopt In Your 30s

You are in charge of your physical health, and really, all it takes is one step at a time. 

Proteins For Vegetarians: Is It Adequate For The Body?

There is no need to be ambiguous about converting into a vegetarian or vegan fearing protein deficiency.

Emotional Well-Being: Answers From A Psychotherapist

Happiness is not a pursuit, it’s the outcome of emotional well-being.

COVID 19 And Diabetes: Is Post-COVID Diabetes A Concern In India?

There are few mechanisms that are thought to be associated with development of abnormal sugar levels and diabetes.

11 Unusual Anxiety Symptoms You Might Not Know About

You're not alone - anxiety symptoms can be managed with the help of a psychotherapist.

PCOD and Depression: The Effect Of PCOD On Mental Health

Speaking to a psychotherapist and a gynecologist can help you better manage your symptoms - both mental and physical.

Can Thin People Get Diabetes?

A recent study found that 20-30% of diabetics are, in fact, in the normal range of BMI.

Do You Need The COVID Booster Shot?

Yes, we still need to follow safety protocols until the pandemic subsides.

5 Daily Practices to Strengthen Your Immune System

A healthy lifestyle not only helps with the immune system but also other body organs to work better. If we take care of our body, the Immune system will take care of us.

Diabetes In Kids: How Do You Know If Your Child Has Diabetes?

Diabetes in children can be prevalent because of diet, lifestyle and genetic factors.

How To Shrink A Goiter Naturally: Effective Home Remedies And Tips

Thyroid hormones are tricky but very important in that they need to be managed properly.